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sketch art | multifaceted designs
"sometimes crazy, sometimes joyful and childlike naive enri’s art explores the areas between unfortunate fascination (his words) and establishing an alternative perspective on life around him. enri believes he doesn’t only express himself through his art."


sculptures | acryllic paintings

“beautiful and charming, they are scattered all over the world, in windows, on balconies, on walls and in all the places that allow them. these girls were waiting for an attractive young man to smile at them and court them.

giving life to the new, the discovery of hidden potential, bringing in each color a little of the identity of each nation and its people.”

gxp-compliant e2e-processes, rapid prototyping, creative thinking, agile approach, international standards,
methodologies | tools | governance

product design

industrial | motives & patterns functionality | prototyping
real-world added-value services, agile prototyping, coaching, knowledge transfer, strategy and execution.


1900's textile print roller | elements | transformation

the abeo ('i am transformed') design was selected for the berlin design week 2021 - almost unanomously - as a possible candidate at this year's event.

if you'd like to know more about the project or engage with us during this event, simply connect now.


design | lighting | ambience
experimenting with light, shadows, technology, different commercial products and services and applying our art & design objects to add to the overall functionality and aesthetics of the original product(s).


projects | collaboration | commercial administration

missionsstrasse 24, 4055 basel
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berlin design week 2021
product development

bouchéstrasse 12, 12354 berlin
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product design

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