we build


technology | art | design | solutions

weaving threads intersecting the worlds of art, technology, social change, and semantic business value.
from foundations in provenance, data, design, and curatorship.

we are

the statement

innovation | resource enablement | real-world | visualisation

a collaborative space for creative process and vision, the-artelier is the culmination of artists & creators advancing their work, the application of new technologies, the fostering of product lineages, and the identification of added value for business from cross-disciplinary assessments.

transformation evolution

we design

your world

strategy | conceptualisation | prototyping | data management | collaboration

our interdisciplinary team of designers, strategists and subject matter experts accompany you from the moment you share your vision with them.
our vested commitment to our collaboration partners has cultivated a near 100% client and turnkey delivery rate.


contemporary, the old & the new, inspiring, original art & design, prototyping. using the latest techniques and agile product development


we make


interior design | furniture | lighting | data management | objet d’art | textiles | wallpaper | digital art & photography | ceramics | original art | lgbt workshops | lifestyle selection | wearables | 3D printing

a small selection of what is available


from proprietory lamps & lampshades to customised designed inspirations for smart lighting using philips hue products


created by artists, interpreted by designers and visionaries, produced with natural and bio-based materials in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner


colours, motives, minimalism, inspiration, customisable, award-winning artists & designers

wall art

combining original art with interpretations by product specialists, industrial- & textile designers, photographers – unique in every way